winter plumbing tips

14 Jan. 20

Top January Plumbing Problems in Danbury, New Milford, and Ridgefield, CT.

Plumbing disasters can happen at any time of the year, however, the winter months bring a new set of challenges to your plumbing in Danbury, New Milford and Ridgefield, CT. Our plumbers created an easy to follow complete plumbing guide for proactive homeowners and others who want to ensure they experience winter without plumbing issues in CT. Now, we’re going to discuss the most common plumbing problems for January 2020 in Danbury, New Milford, and Ridgefield, CT. 

Water Heater Failure

We can’t imagine starting our day without a hot shower. No one wants to take a cold shower in the Winter! However, water heater problems are very common in January. Although a standard water heater will typically perform for about ten years, during colder months, your water heater is working a bit harder to provide you the comfort you want. Therefore, if you have an older system, it’s more likely to fail. If you believe your water heater is working fine, a quick inspection will make sure your water heater doesn’t stop working in optimal conditions when you need it most!

Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are a common plumbing problem in Danbury, New Milford, and Ridgefield. It’s known that any area of your plumbing system can freeze if the pipes are unprotected, especially in January. The best way to avoid frozen pipes is to make sure that you have proper pipe insulation throughout your system. It’s especially important to have pipes in an unheated basement insulated. However, if it’s too late, make sure to turn off your main shutoff valve and call the best plumber near you.


Finding a leak in your water line can be a real annoyance. Usually, a leak in the winter is a sign of a pipe on the brink of bursting or a pipe that has already burst. If your pipe is about to burst that means it probably froze. Dealing with leaks in cold months can really increase the price of the repair since the entire pipe usually needs to be replaced. Therefore, it’s important to take steps to ensure your water line is in good shape. Call the best plumber for a quick inspection or if your water line is already leaking. 

Clogged Drains

The holidays are an exciting time of year but they also put more stress on your home’s drain system. Keep in mind that with more foods being prepared, more use of the toilets and sinks with your guests, and the overwhelmingly cold weather, you have the perfect scenario for a plumbing disaster. So, if you had an eventful holiday season in your home, it may be time to double-check that everything is running smoothly.

The Solution To Your Plumbing Problems

January brings cold weather to the northeast and cold weather brings the ability for plumbing problems to occur all over your home. Our best recommendation is to prepare and repair your plumbing in advance to avoid a costly disaster. Give us a call at 223-994-5202 or click here for more information about our plumbing services in Danbury, Ridgefield, and New Milford, CT.