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11 Oct. 19

Top 5 Plumbing Tips For Fall 2019

Top 5 Plumbing Tips For Fall

Fall is here and it’s time to start thinking about taking care of your plumbing before heading into the winter months.  We get lots of calls in Danbury, Ridgefield, New Milford, Newtown and Wilton for plumbing issues in the fall! Many of us are still drying out from our recent rains, but it is never too early to prepare your plumbing for the changing seasons. It’s important to call the best plumber in your town to come and assist you with any of your fall plumbing needs.

It’s officially time to retire the garden hoses and prepare your home for the cooler air with these fall plumbing tips.

1. Remove, Drain and Store Garden Hoses

Do you have to replace your garden hose every year? Remember, as temperatures get colder in the evening frost can start to form. We want your garden hose to last another year, so it’s important that you properly stow it away. When the hose has been disconnected, drain the water and place it in an area of your home that will not reach freezing temperatures.  Water that’s leftover inside the hose can freeze and expand causing the hose to break! Additionally, if water freezes near the hose bib, it can cause leaks inside your home!

2. Turn Off Your Hose Bibb

One of the most important tasks that you’ll need to do this season is to properly turn off your hose bibb and inside the water supply line. If you noticed that your hose bibb was leaking this summer, we advise that you invest in a frost-proof hose bibb before the first frost occurs.  If a hose bibb isn’t properly turned off, water can freeze in the supply line, which can cause pipes to burst.  To avoid any issues, give us a call today to complete any hose bibb installation or repair!

Time and time again we see our customers forget to take this step and it leads to costly plumbing repairs. Along with this, when a pipe bursts it can cause damage to your home and belongings! So, make sure to take a simple step and shut off your hose bibb and supply line today!

3. Check Your Sewer System

Believe it or not, the fall, winter and spring months can overwork your sewer system. If you have had any issues in the past or would like to have preventative maintenance completed, give the best plumber a call to schedule a sewer line inspection. Build-up can back up your sewage system, so it’s important to make sure everything is flowing smoothly.

4. Complete Water Heater Maintenance

Annual maintenance is crucial to extend the life of your water heater. While most water heaters will last anywhere from eight to 12 years, water heater flushes tend to increase water efficiency and saves money on your future utility bills.  If you want to increase water efficiency and save some money on your utility bill this season, schedule a water heater maintenance service with us!

5. Inspect Your Sump Pump

The fall tends to be a very rainy time of year in New England. Leaves and other things can start to cause back up from water properly flowing into outside sewers. more often than not this causes water to build up in basements. The sump pumps job is to properly drain the water before it causes damage to your home. So, make sure to inspect it every year, or call our plumbers today!

We’re here to make sure your plumbing system is prepared for the temperatures ahead!  No job is too big or too small for our expert technicians.  Give us a call today or schedule an appointment online to take care of those testing plumbing issues.