25 Jun. 19


We know that sometimes we get excited to fix things ourselves, especially if you have the time and a little bit of knowledge in the area. However, when it comes to home repairs, it’s important to know when it’s time to leave something to your plumber in CT. Keep in mind that home repairs can lead to more expensive issues when they aren’t done properly.

It’s common that homeowners try to cut costs by trying to repair plumbing issues by themselves. However, often times they end up causing more damage to the property and it can cost twice as much to repair at the end. So, our plumbing experts at All State Plumbing have a golden rule for homeowners: “if you can’t properly diagnose the source of the problem, don’t try to fix it yourself, call your plumber instead”.

These are 4 signs that tell you that it’s time to call your plumber in CT:

1. Toilet, Sink or Bathtub that won’t drain

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This is one of the most common problems related to plumbing. There are many easy solutions to this problem that you can try yourself. For example, using a plunger or drain cleaner. However, if none of the previous solutions are working then, call your plumber in CT immediately before the clog gets worse.

2. Low Water Pressure

It could be poor water pressure from a single faucet or from your entire home, this type of problem is better to be fixed by an expert plumber in CT. It’s the perfect time to call your plumber since low water pressure could involve bigger issues with your water supply. A plumbing professional in CT will be able to recognize the source of your problem and provide the best solution possible. Do not try to fix it by yourself since a low water pressure problem can cause more damage to your home and sewer lines!

3. Dripping Faucet

In most cases, you may be able to easily fix a leaky faucet. However, keep in mind that a leaky faucet can waste up to 3,000 gallons a year which is the equivalent of 175 showers! Therefore, if you cannot fix it, you better call your favorite plumber in CT.

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4. Home Renovation Projects

If you’re thinking about home renovations that involve plumbing, it’s best to call a plumber. Attempting an involved plumbing project without the proper knowledge and experience can result in expensive – very expensive repairs! Therefore, we strongly recommend you to enlist the help of your plumber during remodels and renovations. In addition, they can assure you that all the proper permits have been acquired too!

So, there you have them! 4 signs that tell you when it’s time to call your plumber in CT! For more helpful information related with plumbing and heating, click here and check our blog post section! If you’re having any of the previous problems, then give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you!