About All State Plumbing

Who Is All State Plumbing & Heating?

We are a 24/7 service company.  A member of our staff will always answer the phone!  We cover all aspects of plumbing, heating, and water treatment. Our trained technicians will give you excellent, quality service at a competitive fair market price. As a result of our commitment to customer service, we can assure you 100% that you’ll be satisfied with our Plumbing & Heating services in Danbury, CT.

Asim Alimi, Owner

Asim has set the bar for what it entails to be a licensed plumber. He envisioned operating his own business upon graduating with a focus on Plumbing & Heating at Henry Abbott Technical High School in Danbury, CT in 2006. Soon thereafter, Asim received his Master Plumber license in Connecticut once he completed the right training and hours. Therefore, Asim’s precise skills and knowledge in Plumbing & Heating allows him and his technicians to give quality work to his customers to ensure satisfaction.

You Can Trust Our Technicians

Our technicians continue education and training since the market is always technologically advancing and growing. Therefore, you can count on us to do a neat and clean job.  As a matter of fact, all debris are always removed from the job site, our technicians wear foot covers, and place down runners where necessary, and will label all your emergency shut–off valves. You are guaranteed we will do all we can to see you are satisfied.

Company Mission

The dedication to fulfill our customer’s needs and wants has always been needs and wants has always been imperative to the way we operate and we adapt our services in order to achieve this.

Founded on Trust,
Service, & Quality Work

we love what we do, and we believe in it. It’s not just plumbing to us, but a philosophy applied to every area of our lives. It’s just the plumbing that’s made us famous.

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If you have any emergency plumbing needs, simply call our 24-hour emergency plumbing

Quick and Reliable Repair of Emergency leaks & Pipe Bursts

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